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01.08.2021 | 1. Dan Prüfung von Dr. Guilherme S. J. Pinto

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Am 01.08.2021 kamen in der FENGER TAEKWON-DO Schule in Kiel fortgeschrittene Schüler zusammen um an der Dan-Prüfung von Dr. Guilherme S. J. Pinto (kurz: „Gui“) unter der Leitung von GM Kang, Shin-Gyu teilzunehmen. An dieser Stelle einen großen Dank an den Schulleiter der KTF Schule Kiel,  Julius Fenger, der uns seine schöne, modern gestaltete Taekwon-Do Schule für diesen freudigen Anlass zur Verfügung gestellt hat. Anwesend waren auch der Leiter der KTF Gruppe Hamburg-Harburg, Mischa Jorit Galla und online über Zoom der Leiter der KTF Gruppe Ammersee, Stefan Vidal. Als Gäste waren auch die Schülerinnen Eteri aus Hamburg und Laura B., auch online per Zoom aus Australien dazugeschaltet.

Vor den Augen aller Anwesenden hat Gui eine hervorragende Leistung auf hohem Niveau präsentiert und die Prüfung zum 1. Dan erfolgreich bestanden.
Herzliche Gratulation!

Reflexion von Dr. Guilherme S. J. Pinto über seine Taekwon-Do Erfahrungen | August 2021

Taekwon-Do came to me as I was once looking for a martial art to spend my time in between my master’s classes. I looked for a martial art mostly because I trained judo when I was young but had some injuries, what made me avoid to train judo again. I wasn’t planning to join Taekwon-Do, mostly because I had the image of the Olympic style in my mind (and it didn’t appeal to me), until a colleague, that unfortunately doesn’t practice TkD anymore, invited me to join for a class of traditional Taekwon-Do from the Kang Center at the Sportzentrum in the Uni Kiel. I became interested after she explained to me how the training looked like and more about the focus on the art instead of competition. The first thing that caught my attention was the challenges regarding coordination and speed. Those two, together with conditioning, were what kept me motivated to keep joining the trainings. Also, to learn the hyongs and their applications were extremely interesting. With time, the focus and concentration necessary for the graduations and breaking tests became an important addition to the challenges presented during the everyday classes.

When I needed to move to Sweden for professional reasons (after about 4 years training in Kiel), I first was unsure about how I would manage to continue my training. Luckily, I found a place where I could train in- and outdoors on my own plus several trips done to Germany kept me going. Once I started training the hyongs at different speed and with attention at different details, I realized that I had enough to keep me busy for a while. I was also authorized by Grand-Master Kang to start teaching beginners in Sweden. To teach beginners, I became aware of the necessity to be able to explain them in a health and clear way how the techniques worked. The experiences related to train alone and teach helped me to grasp better the basic techniques, since I could pay detailed attention to each one and how their worked with my body. It also kept me disciplined and focused on my trainings, since I needed to be fit and at my level in every trip to Germany.

The focus and discipline needed to train alone were most important in my last year in Sweden, when I needed to write, publish and defend my doctoral thesis. Those two abilities showed to be highly efficient, since I managed to keep my training and teaching schedule, despite the increased amount of stress and working hours. All that without being overrun with those responsibilities.

After finishing the PhD and returning to Germany, and about to do the examination for 1. Dan, I started to think about Taekwon-Do in my life. After somewhere around8 years practicing Taekwon-Do, I realized how it made me more fit, flexible, with good balance and reflexes than I was in my 20s (considering I am now close to my 40s). It also improved my mental health and resilience, determination, focus and discipline. The 1. Dan is only the beginning of a longer journey, hopefully life-long, with added responsibilities, since I do not only carry the weight of what I learned but also the honor and name of the Kang Taekwon-Do Family, wherever I may be. And despite this weight, I’m excited for the challenges ahead and hopefully I can pass some of my experiences further to newer students.